#StepOutChallenge: A mammoth task

Today, 18 March 2022, at 13h00 Tshepo will take on the Addo Elephant Trail Run, a 100-mile trail run through the vast and beautiful Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. 

Here's what inspired him to take part in the event and his preparations: 

Hello, dumelang, sanibonani

The name is Tshepo but most people call me Tsheps or Chepu. I’m a 31-year-old man (lol), I still feel like 21 year old though. I currently reside in Centurion, Pretoria and work as a Product, Training & Technical Specialist for Tifosi Sports (Official Distributor of On Running Shoes in Africa). I am a simple no fuss and easy-going guy with a passion for nature.

I will be doing my 2nd Addo Elephant Trail Run 100 miler (160 km). The event takes place in Addo, Eastern Cape (18 - 20 March 2022). The race starts Friday, 18 March 2022 (13h00) and ends Sunday, 20 March 2022 (02h00) which means you have 37 hours to complete the entire course.

My inspiration came from my desire to test myself and rid myself of the idea that I’m soft. Another big proponent for doing this is my love for the bush and animals. This event allows us access to one of the most remote parts of the Addo Elephant National Park and what a privilege that is thanks to Live Adventure (organisers) and SANParks.

My training started in November 2021. My goal is to finish with hopes of returning for another eight editions to eventually complete ten of these bad boys/girls.

I have two songs I love to listen to pre-event: my local favourite is Osama by Zakes Bantwini & Kasango and the one that really gets me going is Pedigree by J.R. Writer.

I use a 10L hydration pack filled with a waterproof jacket, GPS device, cellphone, inner thermal, 3 pairs of Sox Footwear and arm sleeves to refresh my feet and my look, sunscreen, sunglasses to say the least. I can’t mention everything but let’s not forget the water.

I will be starting with the Ndebele socks & arm sleeves combination. At halfway I will be pairing the Tropical arm sleeves with the Midnight Forest socks and my last change sees me finish with the Comic Arm Sleeves and the Comic SOX.

See you later with the aftermath.

Your boy, Tsheps

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