Sox Staff #StepOut Challenge 2022

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. The Sox Footwear team will be joining the #StepOut challenge and sharing the ups and downs throughout their fitness journeys. 

The team consists of all types of fitness levels, injuries and backstories, which makes this challenge a personal experience.  We hope each person’s goals and stories will resonate with our followers and clients and inspire them to also take on 2022 with grit.

We will keep you posted on their goal progress, obstacles, achievements, milestones and celebrations on our social media and groups.

This year I will…

Run a trail run marathon

Francois Theron - Director

  • Run a trail run marathon
  • Complete a 250km mountain bike distance in one day
  • 3 days unsupported bike trip 
  • I am also entered for the Sani2C and can’t wait to ride the Sani Pass for the first time and have a cold one at the top.

Run my first half-marathon

Chamain van Zyl - Marketing 

In the year 2022, our family will gain an additional member. My due date is in June 2022 which only gives me 6 months to train for a half marathon event. From mom bod to an athlete. Two of the months will be for recovery and leave me with 4 months to give it my all. 

  • Run a half marathon 
  • Do at least 3 hikes

Start Moving

Anja Theron - Design

After my accident in 2021, I realized how quickly our bodies deteriorate if we don’t keep on moving. Daily tasks become more difficult and even a short walk had me breathless. I just want to start moving, even if it’s just a 30 min stretch. It’s not going to be an easy journey, because everything I do at the moment is painful and uncomfortable. 

  • Move for 30-minutes each day 

Complete the Ironman 

Andries van Zyl -  Business Development 

In 2021 I finished my first 70.3 Ironman with a time of 5;53;40. My lifelong goal was to take part in the African Championship Ironman in Port Elizabeth. It truly takes a lot of dedication and time, but I am excited to hear…Andries van Zyl, You Are AN IRONMAN! 

  • My goal is to finish the full Ironman with a time of under 10-hours. 
  • Thereafter I would like to stay fit and continue my training.

Return to cardio and master yoga 

Jade Georgiou - Design

I have a few small fitness goals for this year:

  • Return to cardio and weight training once recovered

Injuries really took a toll on me towards the end of last year, and I really hope to recover from that and begin doing what I love and regaining the fitness I had.

  • Run 4km

I absolutely love exercise, but I have never been a big runner. I prefer swimming, weights and yoga for physical activity, but I would love to change that this year and run 4km around my neighbourhood. 

  •  Master 3 yoga poses

Yoga is a great way to exercise your body and mind. I believe that mastering 3 poses would help me develop better body awareness, increase my strength and decrease my stress. 

Run my first marathon 

Jacques Pretorius - Director 

  • Exercise 3 times per week 
  • Run a half marathon by the middle of the year 
  • Run the Otter Trail Run - marathon 
  • Complete 1 stage race, I’ve always wanted to do the Sani2C

Do 20 pull-ups and go on adventures 

Ruan van Rooyen -  Accountant 

  • Run and complete the Magoebaskloof Half Marathon 
  • Do 20 pull-ups consecutively by the end of the year 
  • Hike a weekend in the Drakensberg 
  • Cycle at least two times per week 
  • A 7-day unsupported bike packing adventure 

Maintain an active lifestyle 

Armand Du Toit - Sales 

At this stage, I’m not entered for any specific events, but I would like to maintain an active lifestyle with a variety of exercises. From mountain biking, running, road running, swimming and CrossFit. 

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