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Tab Length

The Sox Footwear Tab-length sock is new to the 2022 range. It’s visible to let everyone know: hey, I’ve arrived but short enough to cover all the right pressure points. The main purpose of the socks is to run in or wear with your favourite pair of sneakers over the weekend.

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We love all the designs equally, but sometimes we have to show off the latest flavour of the week.

World Flags

Sox Footwear offers the widest range of flag socks from around the world. Check out our flag section to find yours.

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Join the Sox Footwear #StepOutChallenge this new year and let's start moving together.

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Customer Reviews

Here's what the coolest kids on the block has to say about Sox Footwear.

I love the fast service!

This is one of my favourite products!! I ordered two pairs of @soxfootwear running socks for Jaco for Christmas last year. Not only did I get the socks within 3 days of ordering, they also included a third pair of sox to give to someone in need. Yesterday (!!) I ordered two pairs of Valentine's socks. This morning I received them, as well as another pair of socks to give to someone who might need them. I love the socks! I love the fast service! But I love their giving spirits the most!! Go check them out!


Liesbet Hyun-Mi

9 February 2022

Donation Pair

Good day Sox! I just opened my package and tears welled up in my eyes. You put in an extra pair of socks, asking to donate to someone in need. Thank you for reaching out to those in need!!!! I can't wait to donate mine💜

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Great products

You guys deliver such great products, your service levels are superb and the no-nonsense approach to fixing small oversights is all a customer could ask for.



17 January 2022


I received my order of Sox yesterday and WOW….they are incredible. I haven’t worn them before until this morning and I am really impressed with the fit, the quality and even the packaging. Really well done.

Marble Blue


Wednesday, Nov 29, 2021

Love Sox Footwear!

We absolutely LOVE Sox Footwear, best cycle 🚲 & running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️footwear ever! My hubby especially loves his BRAAI pair & I can't decide if the unicorns🦄 or the Brave flower pair is my favourite (or the Ndebele🤭)Not to mention the pink leopard🐆 or llamas which is still on it's way after a very userfriendly & quick online shopping spree👏The sox makes great gifts🎁everyone LOVES it! Thanks for great quality products & great service Sox Footwear🙌
Carla Botha

14 February 2021

Best performance socks

The team at Sox are exceptionally dedicated to detail. The products are designed to outlast the standard life span of any sock and is the best performance Sock you will ever buy. Adding custom designs to any one is a game changer... That's why my cupboard is only filled with #soxfootwear.


Manus de Waal

14 July 2020


I have just received the sock order I recently placed. Thanks very much, looks amazing, love the quality, packaging and a really lovely touch to include an extra pair to donate to someone in need!
Celeste Momsen

Thursday, Aug 19, 2021

Good overall experience

Fast delivery. Bought the botanical and blue premium range. Love the unique design of the former and vivid color of the latter. They fit like a glove and is eye-catching with my chinos and sneakers. Good overall experience.
Henry Watkins

26 January 2021


Dear Sox, received today my arm sleeve order. Thank you. You included a pair of socks for somebody in need. This is a wonderful gesture. I shall have the pair with me tomorrow morning and show our club members and while we ride out I shall give it to the first person that is in need of a fresh pair of socks.Thank you for your goodwill.

Arm Sleeves


Friday, Apr 29, 2022

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