Sox Technology

A premium product for a premium athlete. All Sox Footwear’s socks are manufactured in The Sox Factory, South Africa. Over the years we have molded and perfected our socks to be the perfect “Cinderella” size and comfort for each foot size. We’ve valued the feedback we’ve received from our customers and have created a balanced masterpiece for everyday wear and performance sports. If you haven’t purchased Sox Footwear in recent months, you are definitely missing out. Test our new technology and up your sock game with a fresh pair of socks and dope designs. Here’s a breakdown of how the fit is optimized with breakthrough technology and why our socks are so durable.

Y-shape Heel

A y-shaped stitch on the heel of the sock forms a pocket around the heel. This prevents the socks from slipping down and fits better.

Reinforced padded heel and toe

Sox Footwear’s seamless toe and arch support ensure an optimal fit for everyday wear and an active day outdoors. An extra cushion on the heel and toe is implemented for less impact on pressure points.

Reusable Packaging

In July 2021 we’ve decided to switch to packaging that is reusable. You can use it to keep your socks together, add your nutrition for a long ride or run, safely keep your phone and money in place or hide receipts from recently purchased bikes.

PolyLon36 Fiber

The Sox Factory has procured a material that is both durable and soft. Each sock is knitted to perfection with our own PolyLon36 Fiber, which is a blend between nylon and polyester. We can assure you that you won’t have smelly socks and the sock will always maintain its structure.

Breathable Upper Mesh

Breathable upper mesh panels to allow ventilation above and around the foot. This also prevents smelly feet and shoes after exercise.

TruePrint Technology

Our high-tech TruePrint will never fade or wash out. Sox Factory has paved the way with this technology and is the first in South Africa.

Sock Lengths

Sox Footwear’s best sellers have always been the crew cut sock. In 2020, we’ve expanded and now offer and tab- and knee-high socks.

HTFU Technology

We’ve added a little bit of HTFU technology free in each sock. This technology makes you 5% more aerodynamic (wink-wink) and allows you to push the boundaries and excel in every sport you take on.
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