If you have any questions about Sox Footwear, the answer will be here, alternatively send us an email at info@soxfootwear.com
Yes we do offer free shipping in South Africa.
It ranges between 2-5 working days. We usually send the package within the day of when the order was placed, unless it’s a weekend, then we send it on Monday. We are located in Pretoria, shipping to Johannesburg and surrounding areas are quicker than other provinces, but shouldn’t be longer than a day or two.
Yes, all the Sox Footwear socks are manufactured by The Sox Factory in Pretoria, South Africa. You can create your own custom brand for teams, clubs, corporates, new businesses and many more. Please visit our custom section for more information.
Ever wondered what sock to wear and when? We’ve got you covered with a simple explanation of length, padding and material within the Sox Footwear range.

We have the following sizes available on our store

- S for size 12 UK (kids) – 3UK shoes

- M for size 4UK - 7UK shoes

- L for size 8UK - 12UK shoes

- XL for size 12UK+ shoes

If you want to be part of the Sox Crew, please pop us a message on any of our social media channels. We’re always scouting for new upcoming stars to join the crew.
Send us an email at info@soxfootwear. We’ll send you a voucher code and you can order again online.
Wow, this is so cool! We would love to be in your shop. Please send us an email at info@soxfootwear.com or apply online on our B2B platform. All cycling shops can order through our exclusive distribution partner Rush Sports.
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