Sox Heritage Collection

Hello, Sawubona, Lumela, Mholweni, Goeiedag.

At Sox Footwear and The Sox Factory, we are extremely proud of our South African heritage. The factory manufactures socks for Sox Footwear and other local and international brands right here in Pretoria, South Africa.

Our company has over 30 employees with diverse cultures and traditions, each with their own story. In 2021, we decided to involve everyone in the company to showcase their traditional clothes and patterns and incorporate them into the new heritage collection.

Some of these cultures include; Sotho, Tsonga, Ndebele, Zulu, Tswana, Afrikaans and more. Our employees designed, coloured and created masterpieces. Elements of these creations are featured in the new Sox Heritage collection, shop here.

We have also collaborated with a local brand; Kaaitjie; to bring you proudly South African products. From marmite, peppermint crisp, chappies and more you can find the new collab from 1 September 2021 online.

We at Sox Footwear cannot wait to celebrate our rich cultural background with our fellow South Africans during Heritage month. #LocalIsLekker

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