How to choose trail running socks

Trail running is all about exploring the outdoors and enjoying the natural wonders on foot. Your gear is crucial to ensure you run at an optimal level when taking on any distance and conditions.

Whether you are in the wilderness chasing river crossings, running in the heat of the day or grabble with tough terrain, your feet need the right support to keep them dry and comfortable.

We’re here to help you choose the right socks for your next run. 

Seamless toe

Something as small as a piece of yarn irritating your toes can break your spirit during a run. A seamless toe maximises the comfort of your feet and prevents any small blisters from forming on the toes. 

Reinforced heel and toe 

Extra cushioning on the pressure points like your heel and toes. 

Lightweight material NOT cotton

Sox Footwear uses a unique blend of Nylon and Polyester for all our socks. We have found this prevents the socks from getting wet and drying quicker. No need to skip the river crossings, charge them at full speed.  

Breathable Upper Mesh

The breathable upper mesh is ventilation technology that helps your feet breathe during the run. 


You need a sock with full elastic on the upper cuff. This will allow the socks to stay up during your run. Nothing is more irritating than pulling up your socks at every stop. The new Sox Footwear Y-shaped heel also ensures your sock stays up during the run. 

Design - The Cool Factor

Last but not least, the design. The technology is cool, but a funky design lifts your cool factor to the level of trailblazer. Not only will you feel faster with all the right technology but you will look faster. 

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