• #AlwaysForward Ambassador Spotlight - Annestia Steyn

    #AlwaysForward Ambassador Spotlight - Annestia Steyn

    This week, we are featuring the driven and bubbly Annestia Steyn - aka Curvy Girl. Annestia's journey towards a healthier and happier life is a testament to the power of personal commitment and self-motivation. By taking charge of her mental and physical wellbeing, she transformed herself into an awe-inspiring example of determination and resilience. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that anyone can achieve their...
  • #AlwaysForward Ambassador Spotlight - Catherine Colyn

    #AlwaysForward Ambassador Spotlight - Catherine Colyn

    This week, we are featuring the talented Catherine Colyn. As a professional gravel and eSports cyclist, Catherine exemplifies excellence in her field and demonstrates an unwavering commitment to her sport. Below Catherine shares with us how she stays motivated and keeps moving forward. How do you stay motivated when times get tough? What advice would you give people out there that are thinking of...
  • #AlwaysForward Challenge

    #AlwaysForward Challenge

    At Sox Footwear, we believe that progress is not just about moving forward in a physical sense, but also in a mental and emotional one. That's why we are excited to announce our #AlwaysForward campaign, a movement designed to challenge and inspire individuals to push their boundaries and strive for progress, no matter the obstacles. The #AlwaysForward campaign is more than just a tagline,...
  • Sensitive Feet? Sox Footwear has the answer

    Sensitive Feet? Sox Footwear has the answer

    Sensory sensitivity, also known as sensory processing disorder, is a condition that affects many individuals, both children, and adults. It is characterised by an increased sensitivity to certain stimuli such as sounds, lights, textures, and smells. This sensitivity can cause discomfort and even pain, making daily life and activities challenging.For those who suffer from sensory sensitivity, finding suitable footwear like socks can be a...
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