#StepOutChallenge: The City of Lights

Natasha Felix is one of our Sox Footwear ambassadors and has taken on the Paris Marathon as part of her Step Out Challenge. Read more about her journey and the aftermath of the marathon.

My name is Natasha Felix known to many as Tash, Tash The Runner or Tash The Coach. I am 45 yrs of age and live in the South of Johannesburg. By profession, I am a special needs teacher. I also coach athletics at school and outside school.

On the 3rd of April, I will be partaking in my first International Marathon. The Paris Marathon and run a distance of 42.2km In 2021 I have set a personal challenge to travel in 2022 basically to take my first international trip. I have always wanted to run the Dubai Marathon which takes place in January which is also my birthday month, but I guess things worked out differently.

Now, why Paris? This was no coincidence.  The owner of JustRunTours had asked me if I could assist him with some SA Branded socks from Sox Footwear for a group of athletes doing the Paris Marathon. My immediate response was when he is ready to place the order I will gladly assist them.

Long story short….the following day I had 10 000 questions about the race and the trip. Next thing I was part of the group. Remember I said 2022 I am travelling and why not travel and do what I love the most ….which is running.

Training started immediately when I informed my coach. He got me on a solid strength training program for 2 months combined with speed work which also included runs focussing on endurance.

My goals for this event

  • I was raped at the age of 13 and have recently opened up about my rape incident. I shared this information with followers and this has turned my whole life around. For the first time, I felt liberated. I felt free!
  • And with that said, growing up in the heart of the Cape Flats in an area called Manenberg I wanted to let other rape victims know that being raped should not be the end of life. That they should be inspired by my life story! I am blooming through the wound that I was once bleeding from.
  • I have stepped up and stepped out and living my life to the best of my ability and I strive daily to be an inspiration to others females.
  • Being able to be the first family and community member to travel to Paris is a milestone on its own.
  • Paris is all about Stepping up and stepping out of my comfort zone and showing others that they too can believe and reach goals if they put their mind to it.

Get moving Song: Let’s get the party started 

What to pack

  • Running gear.
  •  All my 32Gi sports nutrition supplements that I will need. Pre-run I use (Racepro) during the race (Race pro, Hydrate and cramp assault) and post-run (Recovery)
  • Nutrition- My favourite Protein oats and bedtime snack from Fitness Freak Lifestyle
  • My favourite yellow plakkies, beenie, music and headphones which I cannot without

Sox Footwear

Onboard Zulu- the most colourful pair of socks and it represents my personality. I also carried the new knee colourful ones to assist with compression during the flight. 

Friday – French Socks and this is no April Fools Joke🤣🤣Live in Paris rocking French Soxs

Saturday- SA Branded Sox Black colour 

Race Day – SA Branded Sox White Color

The Aftermath


My coach has got me on 3 days' rest and then we are back to training.

How did Sox Footwear help me?

  • Being the only one wearing such colourful socks on the flight my team members could not lose me. I loved the long knee and kept my legs nice and compressed.
  • I was happy to celebrate #FlagFriday in France wearing my Branded French Socks. I plan on travelling more so wearing the branded socks to where I’m travelling will be. 
  • Of course, I love the comfort of the socks. The seamless socks are really comfortable and help prevent blisters. The heel is very much comfortable. 
  • And being able to represent SA and my brand by wearing Branded SA Flag socks best ever. #TheRealBrandAmbassador

Advice to someone who wants to do a marathon:

  • See that you go into a marathon having trained for it. There should at least be some groundwork in the bag.
  • Practice your race fueling and nutrition. So many athletes mess themselves up with incorrect fuelling.
  • And like my coach always says: “Tash,  run and enjoy it. “

What’s next for me?

I am continuing with my StepOutChallenge2022 

  • Everest Run Challenge 8848M EL with a friend to raise awareness for mental health 
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