Sox Footwear Glossary

There are moments when our team talks in sock jargons and the blank expression on clients faces indicates they have no clue to what we are referring to. Here’s our glossary, behind the scene slang and inside jokes:

Wil jy sokkie?


A question usually asked on a dance floor when Kurt Darren plays, but also asked to clients when they would like to purchase socks.

Sock Doping


When you have an obsession with the Sox Footwear brand.



A colour that is often referred to as blue in the office but in reality is a tone of orange.



Referred to as the material used by Sox Factory to manufacture the Sox Footwear branded socks. It is a blend of Nylon and Polyester.



A person who has mastered the art of making and manufacturing socks. At the Sox Factory, we have many of these industry frontrunners.



“Okkie lank nie, okkie kort nie.” This will refer to our anklet socks length, not too long and not too short.


This is how we do things…

Roughly translated in English as quick-quick.

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