Fun with EkskomSePush

EskomSePush is the latest collaboration with Sox Footwear, and it’s been amusing to see the comments and remarks pull through on our social media channels.

EskomSePush is the number one load shedding notification application in South Africa and has been reminding us all about each stage as they come and go. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can find it here.

South Africans have a certain way of handling social, political and other issues regarding our country, and our best way to deal with it is through humour and memes.

Here are our top favourite comments regarding the sock collaboration: 

*Please note that neither Sox Footwear nor EskomSePush influences load shedding or has direct contact with Eskom itself.

“Let’s start with the easiest of the lot…

  1. How can a corporate incapable of supplying uninterrupted electricity guarantee delivery of socks? 
  2. Free delivery, kiff. If I pay for delivery can I rather not get load shedded tomorrow? 
  3. Is there a bulk-buy discount that could get me on a government electricity ‘do not load-shed’ schedule?” 

“I thought the app was free” 

“You put your one foot in. They put your one zone out. You out your one foot in. And they shake the schedules all about. You do the @EskomSePush check. And you turn around. That's what it's all about” 

“Stop selling poop*, fix our electricity” 

“Pull up your socks and switch our power on, you have gone over the time by 15 min” 

“Do the socks light up? When the power is on and go off when it's load shedding?”

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