Celebrating Success at the Girls Rule Run: Empowerment in Every Stride

When Girls Rule was conceptualised, it was an event aimed at not only empowering women from every walk of life, but also as an event to celebrate the spirit of women. The second event, created something that far outweighed our expectations, into something we can truly say encapsulated the Girls Rule ethos we have been aiming to create!

On Saturday morning, the vibrant atmosphere at Loftus Park was electric, with participants excitedly unpacking goodie bags and immediately putting on their Limited Edition Girls Rule socks, a visual testament to the movement's ethos of empowerment and unity.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement, coffee flowed and our participants eagerly waited for the adventure that awaited them. Our spirited warm-up, led by FHA, got hearts pumping, warming up our runners, just enough, for the 10km and 5km route through Loftus Stadium! Not sure what to expect, there were some nervous faces, but the further the runners went the bigger the smiles became, it was a unique adventure through the stadium's corridors, ramps, and even the iconic player's tunnel. More than one participant spoke about how they felt like a celebrity.

Our incredible partners, CANSA, I Love Boobies, Boesemvriendinne, and USN, added their own magic to the day, with engaging stalls, interactive displays, and unwavering support further amplifying the impact. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for joining us in this journey of empowerment and cancer awareness.

We are so proud to share that we were able to donate over R10 000 to Boesemvriendinne, giving them the means to help 170 women with a pair of prosthetic breasts to aid woman who cannot afford reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. Each participant has touched lives and made a tangible difference in the fight against cancer.

But the Girls Rule Run is more than just a single day; it's a movement that resonates long after the event ends. We invite you to relive the incredible moments by visiting our Facebook page, where images from the day await, all free of charge.

As we reflect on this year's Girls Rule Run, we want to thank each and every participant, partner, and supporter who made this event an extraordinary success. Together, we've proven that when women come together, incredible things happen.

Until next time, keep empowering, keep inspiring, and keep ruling.


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