#AlwaysForward Ambassador Spotlight - Stefan Van Wyk

This week, we are featuring Stefan van Wyk. He is a SA Track athlete and a dietitian. He lives his passion daily and shares it with others!

Below Stefan shares with us how she stays motivated and keeps moving forward.

How do you stay motivated when times get tough? What advice would you give people out there that are thinking of giving up?

I always pray . Prayer is a number one in my running career. When I go through difficult times , I pray and put my focus back on my end goal. I focus on what is important and all the effort I have put in until now to achieve my specific goal . I always say to myself , " It took Usian Bolt 6-years of training to ONLY run 9 seconds, do not expect results in a month . " Giving up is not an option!!

What got you started to take on this journey?

Ever since I started the 400m in 2015 , I knew that this was the sport for me. God gave me a natural talent for running that He wanted me to use. I enjoy every moment of running the 400m race and I only want to get better. What also got me started is the dream to one day run at the Olympic games. As I am still currently training for that dream , it looks like that it can become a reality in 2024 . I'll keep on pushing myself by working hard to make my dream come true. 

What new challenges are you looking forward to in the new year?

I started a new sport called " Modern pentathlon " . 4 of the events I have never competed in ,  like : Swimming , Laser shooting , fencing and obstacle course.  I want to use this year to master them all and work hard to compete and the world championships for modern Pentathlon in 2024! 

Advice you can give to someone who wants to get into your sport/line of work? Where should they start or where can they learn more?

Start as soon as possible. The more you put in the more you get out ! If you have a passion for anything in life - DO IT !! As a beginner, I would definitely ask advice from sport coaches in your area and get to know running coaches that would suite your style of running the best! a Coach plays a critical role in an athlete's life. The more you work with your coach the better the relationship will become,  regarding training methods for your event you are competing in! 

How do you relax and give your mind and body a break? Do you think that rest is just as important as hard work?

Resting is actually much more important for me than training. I normally train 5 days a week and take 2 days of rest ( Friday and Sunday ). Resting helps your body replenish your energy stores and allows your damaged muscles to recover. On rest days I normally take a 30-min deep tissue massage to help with muscle recovery. When relaxing on my rest days I will normally go fishing with family and friends or go hiking in our wonderful wildlife trails. 

What role does Sox Footwear play in helping you achieve your goals?

SOX Footwear is definitely the best training/running socks that I have ever worn. In my daily practice routine I wear them when I go to the gym, train on the track, and road running sessions. The comfort Sox gives me when I run is amazing. Sox definitely helps me to achieve my goals by giving comfort, to make those hard training and competing days effortless! 

Instagram: @stefan_v_wyk400

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