#AlwaysForward Ambassador Spotlight - Catherine Colyn

This week, we are featuring the talented Catherine Colyn. As a professional gravel and eSports cyclist, Catherine exemplifies excellence in her field and demonstrates an unwavering commitment to her sport.

Below Catherine shares with us how she stays motivated and keeps moving forward.

How do you stay motivated when times get tough? What advice would you give people out there that are thinking of giving up?

I remind myself of my goals that I have set up for myself for the upcoming season and that you don’t need to be motivated to want to train everyday but its about being disciplined and showing up everyday and ticking the boxes off.

What got you started to take on this journey?

When I was 16 years old my dad was racing up a storm on the local mountain biking scene and that inspired me to start riding. I took part in the Spur School Series and then the passion grew to road racing and now Gravel Racing.

What new challenges are you looking forward to in the new year?

I am looking forwarded to racing in the states in the Life Time Grand Prix series and local ultra endurance races.

Advice you can give to someone who wants to get into your sport/line of work? Where should they start or where can they learn more?

A good place to start is to start working with a coach, there you’ll be able to build up a level of fitness and you’ll be able to take part in events or be able to join your friends for their weekend bike adventures.

How do you relax and give your mind and body a break? Do you think that rest is just as important as hard work?

When I am not riding my bike or doing strength training in the gym. I am busy studying online or working on my digital marketing business.

Instagram: @catherine_colyn

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