3 Reasons why we’re excited for the Old Mutual Wealth Double Century

The Old Mutual Wealth Double Century is the grand-daddy of endurance events in South Africa. It is a unique time trial event for 250 teams consisting of between 6-12 members over a gruelling 202km route. 

This year (2021), Sox Footwear will be part of the event and here are 3 reasons why we are excited: 

1. Sock Doping 

Yes! Each rider will receive a pair of Sox Footwear in their goody bags. Our HTFU technology and comfort will sit comfortably over the 202km route.

2. Custom Team Socks

The Sox Factory will have a special price for custom team sock designs. 10 pairs of custom socks at R2100 including VAT and design fee. Pop us an email to get started: francois@soxfootwear.com 

3. Look the part 

If you would like your team to stand out and look united, Sox Footwear will have a promotion for R999 for 10 pairs of socks. We have over 200 unique designs on our website.

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